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Monday, October 20, 2008

Kayamath - the 5 year transition

Kayamath is the story of Prachi, who goes through a lot of struggle in her life, eventually settling in life with Milind, after initially being fully in love with Neev (but a series of happenings causes this initial love to break apart). With her marriage to Milind, she is fully in love with Milind, but the main objective of the serial is to make her cry almost every episode (it has happened in almost every episode that there will be something that will make Prachi cry, whether that will be tears of happiness or of pain).
The biggest problem for Prachi was her rival Ayesha, who tried again and again to get Prachi out of the way and marry Milind. She was almost successful a couple of times, but each time the love between Prachi and Milind overcame these challenges, and both Milind and Prachi came together again. The last time this happened was due to Milind losing his memory, and Ayesha taking advantage of this fact in order to come close to Milind again. With a lot of tears, Prachi managed to fight her way with Milind again.
But it was the arrival of Mallika which turned things the other way. Malika, a business associate of Milind was in passionate about Milind, and managed to get rid of Prachi from the scene. In a fight, she managed to overcome Ayesha and kill her in a way that Milind would be the main accused. When Prachi found about Malika's truth, she was told that Milind would be jailed unless Prachi went away from his life; and you could guess what happened next. Prachi left after Milind was freed from jail, and then landed up in a train that got hit by a bomb blast. It seemed to Milind that Prachi was killed, instead Prachi took the shape of Panchi, the wife of a Bengali guy (Panchi was killed in the attack), and landed up at his house. The serial is now set 5 years in the future, where Panchi lives in the Bengali house, and suddenly Milind is now in the house, having saved Panchi's husbands life in a storm. What will happen next ?

Video of the killing of Ayesha on Kayamath

Video of Prachi crying again and meeting Milind again after 5 years

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