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Saturday, November 8, 2008

'Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat' on Star Plus

Raja Ki Aayegi Baarat is a serial based on the rich guy - poor girl story. For some time now, Yudhistir has been in love with Rani, who was from a poor family in the village, and who was working as a maid in the royal family. He even refused to get engaged to a seemingly suitable girl, Princess Bhumi, who was as such unsuited to him because of her greedy nature, extrovert behavior, fondness for drink, party and fraternising with other males. Eventually, she is married off to the younger brother, Rudra, the step-brother of Yudhisthir. The family tries everything they can to break this love between the elder son and Rani, including setting contests for Rani (and she wins each of them, sometimes in direct conflict with Bhumi).
Eventually, the situation reaches a head when Rani leaves the Palace, and is accused of stealing jewelery. She leaves in disgrace, and soon after Yudhishtir also leaves the palace after Rani. In the village, Rani is promised to Bhujan, but Bhujan and his mother are after the supposed money and jewels that Rani is carrying back from the palace. However, they are exposed when they show the greedy nature and sent out in disgrace, leaving the space open for Yudhistir.
Now, the marriage has been decided, and after the Raja Saheb watches Yudhishtir in the village and sees how he is respected and is involved in the work for the temple, and the love for his eldest son resurfaces. So now the marriage gets approved and Rani gets married to the prince as per all the festivities of a palace wedding, and is slowly winning the hearts of the Raja Saheb. In the meantime, when Rudra and Bhumi were in charge of getting the temple built, and steal money from all the points (including from the statue and from the quality of construction). When Raja Saheb finds out, he is wild and promises that they will be punished. He gives the responsibility of the punishment to the Choti Rani, who is stuck because she has to give a strict punishment to her own son, and in the end, in order to live upto the responsibility given her by Raja Saheb, she disowns her son and his wife, and removes them from any of the palace affairs.

Video of Choti Rani announcing the punishment on Rudra and Bhumi

Videos of the serial from Youtube (link)

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