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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Balika Vadhu - Sugna's torture continues

I was having a discussion with some friends about why serials such as Balika Vadhu, depicting such social problems and evils are continued to be shown, and while most people don't care about the social message and are interested in the drama of the story, there were some who cared that such injustices and tortures must still be happening to women in sections of our country, and there is nothing wrong in depicting such problems.
After the horrific death of Pratap in an encounter with dacoits, everybody shocked and cannot comprehend as to what is happening. What this also means is that Sugna is now a young widow, in a society that considers a woman to be incomplete without a man; and hence she has to bear the problems that go with it. There are many traumatic rituals that go along with being a widow, and Sugna has to go through all of them, including shunning all sorts of color, living away from the others in a separate dark room, eating frugal means and avoiding all pleasure.
The serial shows the problems that this causes, as for example, she is in pain and hence wants to undergo such a plain life, but still, she is also a human being and has desires, as shown in the episode where she is in the kitchen for getting some raw rice and sees a sweet on the stove (and sweets and other such dishes are totally banned for her). In addition, her inlaws are blaming her for being the dark cloud that caused the death of Pratap, their young son, and are not willing to let her live with them. If they blame her for the death, then it would be madness to send Sugna to live with them since then she would have to undergo torture and taunts all the time. At this time, Kalyani takes a decision that Sugna will not go, that she will not let her grand-daughter go to such a hell.

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ajay said...

i like these serial very much

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