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Friday, January 11, 2008

Another comedy show - Champion Chaalbaaz No 1

In the last couple of years, comedy based shows have made a name for themselves, something that a lot of people would never have expected when reality shows starting popping up, based on singing and dancing. But shows such as Laughter Challenge and Comedy Circus have moved comedy onto a much higher plane, giving channels the enthusiam to launch comedy serials. And Sony has introduced a new one, taking comedy, but mixing it with the type where pranks are played. The serial is called Champion Chaalbaaz No 1, and it started on Sony on December 22nd, with the weekly show being every Saturday at 10 PM.
The show is a reality show where 33 participants will take part in 17 weeks of the show, the aim being to play pranks, including on unsuspecting people. So, for example, there was a case of one of the participants acting as a crazy waiter serving a group of young men, and he was lucky to get off with a slap. There will also be a celebrity prank, where a prank will be played on a celebrity.
The judges for the show are Cyrus Broacha and Sajid Khan, with a forever giggling Mona Singh being the host of the show. The audience will also be able to judge the contestants.
The show can quickly get out of hand, and in one episode I saw a situation where the prank could turn real serious. The idea is to take an unwary person, out for some fun, as he is firing on balloons in a stall, and the participant pretends to be hit. The situation quickly turned serious, with the people affected being emotional at times. At such times, if they get roughed up by a mob, or if they were asthma patients or the like, then things could get out of hand very quickly. The judges pointed this out, terming it cruelty, but Mona Singh refused to acknowledge the seriousness, and eventually the judges gave it up.

Watch videos of Champion Chaalbaaz on YouTube.

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