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Sunday, January 20, 2008

'K for Kishore' - A musical reality show dedicated to a legend

There have been numerous reality shows dedicated to music on all the major Hindi channels, almost as if it is necessary for all these channels to have a major musical contest. Typically, the format of most of these shows is all about people trying to impress the judges with their singing capabilities, and get wide-spread audience participation, since that also helps the TV channel earn a lot of money from the huge number of SMS targeted at the show.
Sony has had its own Indian idol, and has now come out with another musical contest, and this is slightly different. Indians of all ages have listened to the music of Kishore Kumar with great pleasure, and it is the songs sung by Kishore Kumar that form the basis of this new show called 'K for Kishore'. The show appears on Friday and Saturday on 9 PM; it started on 21st December 2007, and will continue for 10 weeks. There are a total of 12 participants and they will slowly start getting eliminated, with the winner getting to make a music album.
The show is hosted by the singer Babul Supriyo and TV actess Rajeshwari Sachdev; the judges being all experienced people, Bappi Lahiri, Sudesh Bhonsle, and Kishore Kumar's son Amit Kumar. In addition to this, there are celebrities invited on the show, with some of them being Leena Chandravarkar (Kishore's widow), Asha Parekh, etc. The participants are divided into 2 teams:

Baangru Team

Chetan Rana
Saurabh Ghosh
Nayan Rathod
Chintan Bakiwala
Suhas Sawant
Kshitij Wagh

Jhumroo Team

Vinod Seshadri
Sameer Memon
Arnab Chakraborty
Harsh Vyas (Eliminated on January 05, 2008)
Pramod Rampal (Eliminated on December 29, 2007)

See a video of one of the contestants singing a great song 'O Mere Dil Ke Chain'

In addition, watch more videos on Youtube.

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The series is directed and produced by Miditech.

Enjoy Nautanki TV