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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kyunki goes for a twist

When you don't have a proper story, you can bring in anybody and make the story dance till it gives you a headache. And that is what seems to be happening on Star's prime-time 10:30 PM weekdays soap, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Some time back, there was a drama since they had to change the person playing Tulsi since Smriti Irani was leaving (or forced to leave because she was setting up a production house, depending on which source you believe). Finally, with the famous plastic surgery option, they managed to get Gautami to play the character.
And now, after all the drama over Tripti was over, the serial made a few twists very quickly. After Tripti admitted in court that she was alive and that Mihir did not have a role in any murder, he was acquitted by the court. Of course, since Tripti promised vengeance, you can be sure that she will come in some time again as a villain. But other things first; it seems that there is a move to bring in changes in Mihir. So, for example, Mihir wants to move in with Mandira (bringing back Mandira after some time spent in jail) because she was apparently a great support to him when he was in jail.
So Mihir finally turns against Tulsi and it seems that he wants a situation where he will be with both Tulsi and Mandira (although there is some news that Ram Kapoor - also known as Thakur Jas from a few months previously would be coming back, and Mihir's current behaviour is something to do with plastic surgery and that maybe this is not Mihir; anything can happen in a Balaji serial !). It will be interesting to see where this leads to, and what are the new twists and turns. Right now, everybody in the Virani khandaan is against Mihir.
And onto the other major news, whereby apparently Ekta Kapoor and Smriti have made up (speculated because the serial is losing its popularity and hence Smriti needs to be got back, and Smriti's attempt to be a producer does not seem to be going well). If Smriti does come back to the serial, it will be interesting to see what will be the way in which she will come back, and what will happen to Gautami who is currently playing Tulsi (maybe she will turn out to be an imposter after all).

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