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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nachle Ve with Saroj Khan

Nach Le Ve with Saroj Khan is a dance show with a difference. It has dared to be different, with the show not geared towards a dance contest like most other shows, instead it to geared towards teaching the art of dancing. Saroj Khan, who has directed so many great dances in movies, and has won numerous awards for dances, takes the role of a teacher and teaches the dance steps to many famous dances from movies (Saroj Khan is famous for teaching Madhuri her steps for many of the famous dances in movies and she focuses on these dances).
It takes great patience to teach people dancing, since it could take many weeks of training to teach dancing, and to try to fit into a TV format makes it boring to the normal viewer (however I can visualize many people wanting to watch the show to learn these dance steps from a famous choreographer), so it may be more of a focused show.
Saroj Khan is encouraging and sarcastic by turns, but one does not see her showing many star rudeness during the show. The show started on January 21, 2008 and airs from Monday to Friday at 7 PM on NDTV Imagine.
The show takes normal dancers (Meenakshi Desai, Swati, Bhakti). In addition, there are many others who have joined from time to time such as Divyanka and Sharad (from Banoo Main Teri Dulhan), Shweta Salve, Gaurav Chopra.
The official home page of the show.
Here is the link to Dance Mela, a chance to feature on the show.

Videos from Nach Le Ve on Youtube (link)

A sample video from the show:

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