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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii - the murder mystery

Balaji serials have the unique ability to spin a murder mystery into a long and complicated hunt with one common characteristic - at one point, all the characters have become suspected of the murder before they are one after the other proved innocent. And so it is starting to happen in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki. Consider the scenario.
The wayward daughter of the house, Tanu, becomes more and more rebellious, and soon after the real life case of the Arushi murder case, the serial starts advertising her death in a similar manner. After much public criticism, the serial denied that it wanted to cash in on the Arushi murder case.
However, soon after, Tanu starts becoming even more confrontational, not caring about whom she is speaking to. She even starts learning secrets of the others in the family and threatening them with their secrets. Soon after that, she is found murdered, poisoned by a chemical. Her friend was suspected of the murder, but soon after that, her friend is also found murdered. And Om Agarwal is suspected of the murder on the basis of some evidence (the evidence seems to be incredibly light, and seemingly with no actual proof).
The complication in this is that Tanu's friend who was also found murdered, was the son of Aditya; which was a separate story. Aditya was a person from England who seemingly saved Parvati from being accused of adultery, and became very trusted. So trusted in fact, that he managed to easily deceive Om into transferring the entire business over to Aditya, leaving the Agarwals in so much penury that they could not even afford to spend the Rs. 4 lakh plus for an operation (although Rs. 4 lakh is a very high amount to spend for an operation).

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