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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kahani Hamaray Mahabharat Ki on 9X

When it became known that Ekta Kapoor was going to be making her own version of the Mahabharat on 9X, there was a lot of fear that with her concept of entertainment, TRP's, and popularity being pegged to things such as the drama of saas-bahu serials, abrupt screen transitions, plastic surgery, and so on, this will be a Mahabharat that will remove the positive memories of the BR Chopra version. And now the serial is on air, having been launched on July 7, 2008, and appearing on 9X at 9 PM on weekdays.
The serial started out with depicting the episode of 'Draupadi Vastraharan', and this one did not go down too well. There was a lot of screaming by Anita Hassandani (playing the role of Draupadi), and one could actually see her using the full level of her voice while exhorting the Pandavas to take action to save her, while also screaming at the Kauravas. Over a period of time, the serial has started to reveal its cast, and the cast is essentially all the regulars of her serial (so far, no major new faces).

Kahani Hamaaray Mahabharat Ki on 9X

The costumes are very different from that of the original Mahabharat serial, more in the nature of costumes that would be there from the Indo-Greek fights shown in the 'Bharat Ek Khoj' serial. There is less of an emphasis on color (as in the original), and more of a focus on tight skin, functional costumes, a slightly darker hue, and tattoos. Acting is okay for the episodes that one is now seeing, although the initial reaction was one of shock.
Some of the traditional TV artists that one can see in the serial are / were Kiran Karmakar (Shantanu), Makrand Deshpande (Ved Vyasa), Rakshanda Khan (Amba), Chetan Hansraj (Bheem), Saakshi Talwar (Ganga), Ronit Roy (Bheeshma), and so on, all people from the various saas-bahu serials.

Link to Youtube videos on the serial (link)

The promise made by Bheeshm


udayan mukherjee said...

I watched few episodes of Mahabharat. It is fully Americanised serial.the costumes are totally greek costumes. The long haired Vishma is just like a rock dancer.The way of acting, looking of the actors and actressess are as if we are watching a modern hindi film in which the actirs are playing the roll of Mafia Don.This serial are very much harmfull to the new generation because they have very little idea about our great epic.this serial is creating wrong ompression on their mind.Draupadi is just like a modern fashion parade girl.This serial should be stopped.Ekta Kapur should maintain the impression which is lying in the mind of the general public of the dressess looks,pose-posture of the characters of the great epic.I think she is fully influenced by AMERICAN CULTURE.

udayan Mukherjee said...

As a professional music composer of Bengal I would like to say that the background music and the background song of Ekta Kapur’s Mahabharat is not all up to the mark. There is no mythological touch in it. Actually no body knows what type of songs was at the time of Mahbharat. But in all previous mythological bollywood movie the famous music composer like Vasant Desai, C.Ramchandra, Chitragupta, Laxmikant-Payrelal, Kalyanji-Anandji , Rajkamal selected few Ragas like CHANDRAKAUNS, MALKAUNSE, DARBARI-KANARA, KALAVATI, BHAIRABI and by applying frequently in their composition( Of course the songs are modern, commercial songs) in mythological movies like SAMPURNA RAMAYANA,(1960PROBABLY) PAVANPUTRA HANUMAN, (1958 probably), MAHBHARAT(1965), HARISH CHANDRA TAARAMATI(1964 probably), HARIDARSHAN(1973), HAR HAR MAHADEV(1970 probably), B.R CHOPRA’S MAHABHARAT they establish a “ mythological touch” in a mythological movie. It can not be physically defined. It is a precedent. It should be realized by heart. Particularly the songs composed in raga CHANDRAKAUNSE AND MALKAUNSE are considered to be the most effective in mythological hindi commercial movie. The music of Ekta Kapur Mahabharat failed to fulfill these criteria. It is just shouting and full of noise. I have not seen the name of the music composer in the title. But who may be he should take lesson from our previous great music composers whose name are mentioned above by listening to their music. I also composed many tune in many devotional and mythological music video and tele-films. I always try to give mythological touch in my composition. At least it should be different from a song of a modern movie.

udayan mukherjee said...

The figure, make-up, the hair style of the two securities standing in the front of Yashoda’s door to protect child Sre Krishna in Ekta’s Mahabharat are horrible. The General imagination of a muscular man of that period is that, he should look like a PHAELVAN with huge body and muscles. Here the securities are looks like a school/college boy of a English medium school/college and they have come from JIM. After looking their hair style everyone will think that they regularly go to beauty Saloon to adjust their hair. Ektaji please don’t spoil our one of the great epic.

Anonymous said...

this is the worst seriel ever , ekta uses her saas bahu tricks on this one and it sucks . feels more like a comedy kavaali play than a great epic

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