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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

Dulhan, on Zee TV at weekdays 8 PM, is reaching a climax. After a long boring set of episodes, finally things are starting to peak. After reincarnation, and after quite a bit of drama, eventually Divya and Amar got married (even though Sindoora tried her best to prevent it).
And now it seems like history is going to repeat itself. For a time it seemed like Amar was totally in awe of Sindoora, respecting her, and fighting with Divya when she used to tell him to beware of Sindoora (Vidya was able to remember what happened in the previous birth when Sindoora killed both Amar and Vidya).
But it was all a drama; Amar was basically trying to make Sindoora pay for what she had done once he had learned what Sindoora had actually done. Helped by Bharat, Sindoora's son (who hated Sindoora for what she had actually done), they prepare a dangerous plan where Bharat would provoke Sindoora into trying to kill Divya and Amar in front of cameras. The plan backfires to some extent when Sindoora does not pick up the gun that Bharat has given (with fake bullets), but instead picks up the same gun that she had used 22 years back to kill Vidya and Sagar.
And now they reach the same plan, and Sindoora admits that she killed Vidya and Sagar, and says that she will them again and again, that nobody can help them. And after some more dialog and drama, she shoots Amar.

Video from the 30th September episode where Sindoora shoots Amar

More videos on Youtube (link)

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