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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Saat Phere - Saloni fails to convert everybody

Saat Phere, Saloni ka Safar, the prime time 9:30 PM on Zee TV consists of Saloni being faced with new problems every few months, and she, with her love and goodness, trying to face these problems for the next several months. However, the entire episode with Kallika shows her failing. Kallika is her step-sister, elder to her, and as usual, Saloni fought with the others in her family to get Kallika accepted into the family. But she did not know that Kallika was actually out to get revenge for the way that Saloni's father, Narpat Singh, had actually treated Kallika's mother (he had apparently abandoned her when she was pregnant and this led to a lot of suffering for her mother and Kalika).
However, when Saloni gets to know this, she decides to treat Kallika like an elder sister, and in the face of a lot of opposition, brings Kalika back into the house, little knowing that she is only there for revenge. For the purpose of revenge, Kallika also has a fake marriage with Kshitij (the estranged son of the elder of the family, Kakasa). Kshitij also wants revenge for the treatment that he has suffered, and literally wants to ruin both Nahar and his elder brother.
So, coincident, both Kshitij and Kallika discover that they both want revenge, and get together, have a fake marriage, in order to come into the household and together take revenge - the question is about how Kallika can take revenge on Narpat Singh by being in Saloni's married house ? Well, she can take revenge on Narpat Singh by ruining Narpat Singh's daughter's household (this did not make too much sense). At the same time, Kshitij and Kallika also have a lot of tension because Kshitij wants his rights as a husband, and Kallika keeps on reminding him that this is a sham marriage, and he should not touch her. Kallika also kidnaps Saloni's newly born daughter, claiming that the daughter was dead; and she starts creating distances between Saloni and her elder sister-in-law (who is always ready to turn against Saloni for any reason apparently).
In the end, Kallika kills Kshitij, and gets Nahar blamed. Nahar is tried, sentenced to death, and in a major travesty of the legal system, is supposed to be hanged within a few days. Now typically, the process of appeals in the Indian legal system takes many years, and a death sentence is not automatic in murder cases, only applicable in rare cases. So you have Saloni and her family trying to rush and get a stay on the actual execution while Kakkasa also discovers that Kallika is deceiving everybody (and of course, he has handed over the entire property to her - people in hindi serials typically always make this mistake - handing over the entire property to the wrong people).
Finally, Nahar is saved after a lot of drama, and then Kalikka's mother comes out of her comatose state after seeing Narpat and blames Kalikka for behaving like this, bringing a whole family to ruin. So Kalikka now repents, telling Saloni that her daughter is alive, and that she will save Nahar.

Video of Saath Phere from 10 September (where Kalikka's mother recovers, Nahar is saved, and things become good again)

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