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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Balika Vadhu on Colors - the entry of Farida Jalal

So far, Balika Vadhu on Colors was showing the extremely bad side of female repression, where in a twist, women in the household are in fact suppressed by the matriarch of the house herself. It is the grand-mother Kalyani who sets the agenda for everybody in the house, who decides on the limited freedom that women of the house have, and so on.
So, you have a household where widows are seen as people who have a bad fate, who are to be avoided, and who have a dark life without color. The same fate befalls Sugna, even though her grandmother deeply loves her, and ensures that Sugna does not go to her in-laws house where she would be blamed for the death of her husband. Similarly, Gehna, the new daughter-in-law should not have any independent feelings, and be totally subservient to her husband and family.
In the midst of all these backward customs and rituals, comes in Farida Jalal as the elder sister of Kalyani, who tries to make sure that things change for the better. So, Farida Jalaal learns about the customs and problems in the house and tries to make the required changes, once intervening in a dispute with a neighbor that she resolves without any force, just through persuasion. She tries to get Anandi more rights, and seems to be succeeding to some degree. In the same way, she is trying to get more rights for Gehna and Sugna, so that they do not feel stifled in the house, but she is running into a now rebellious Kalyani, who tells her a few things. As a result, Farida Jalal has now seemingly left the house.

1 comment:

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

entry of farida jalal in balika vadhu was interesting. it was essential that someone speaks to kalyani one-on-one, that someone supports the suffocating women in the house.

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