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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dance India Dance reaches towards a thrilling finish

Dance India Dance started out as being yet another Dance show on TV, but there is a difference. The judges seem more natural, not artificial like the judges on the jodi dance shows. In addition, getting ordinary people (any of the contestant could be a person who lives next door) to show-case their talents (as well as seeing their emotions, their reactions, etc) makes this show (appearing on Friday and Saturday) very exciting to watch.
Now the show is down to the last 7, these 7 being

1. Terence's team is called "Terence Ki Toli"

* Jai Kumar Nair

* Alisha Singh

2. Geeta's team is called "Geeta Ki Gang"

* Siddhesh Pai

* Sunita Gogoi

3. Remo's team is called "Remo Ke Rangeele"

* Khushboo Purohit

* Salman (Mohammed Ghouse)

* Prince R. Gupta

Unfortunately, one of the contestants who had seemed very promising had to bow out due to an injury (fracture) sustained during one of the dances, and even though the contestant Mangesh wanted to contest, Mithun sorrowfully had to eliminate him. That was sad, but the health of the contestants has to be paramount.

Video of Mangesh performing on "maa" from Taare Zameen Par

Mangesh and Prince

These were very impressive, but the other dancers have also been pretty good, so need to see how they perform going ahead. One interesting thing has been that Mithun makes the gurus perform the same stunt if he feels that the stunt performed by the dancer could have been dangerous. Also, Mithun is allowed one 'veto', and he used that to prevent Khushboo from getting eliminated.

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