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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Na Aana Iss Des Ladoo - Sia is back to be humiliated by Ammaji

Previously, Sia had been trapped in a major plan in which Ammaji's son had tricked her into marriage, and once the marriage had happened, they proved that Sia's character was not good; this helped Ammaji in getting her revenge on Sia, as well as on Sia's father. As part of the revenge on Sia's father, Ammaji got him beaten up, and then got the village panchayat to blacken his face and put him on a donkey.
After all, Sia is shaken, but very defiant. She promises to take revenge, and as part of that, she has to get back to the haveli and take whatever punishment Ammaji delivers onto her. So, you have the sight of Sia falling at Ammaji's feet and asking for mercy. Ammaji of course gloats at this sight, and decides to let Sia into the house while making her work like a servant, including sleep in an outhouse. Her family members are forbidden to have any sympathy for Sia, and Ammaji still keeps on humiliating Sia at every opportunity, remembering the time that Sia stood upto Ammaji's actions. However, it must only be the arrogance that Ammaji has that prevents her from recognizing that Sia was not the type of person to suddenly show such humility, how could she not suspect that Sia is out for revenge.
The serial has also started showing some divisions in Ammaji's family, with her sons resenting the attention shown to one of the sons, and you also got to hear that one of her sons is actually making sure that he is putting some money aside every month in a different bank account, something that Ammaji definitely would not know.
One is pretty sure that the serial would show the humiliation being depicted on Sia for some more time before they can show how Sia can extract her revenge for the humiliation that her family and she has undergone.

1 comment:

Deyasini said...

all the charaters of "laado" are doing a great job.i still wonder why are country hasnt been able 2 develope yet.serials like laado give the true picture of indian society and also tell us why we are laggin behind.
the motive of di serial is genuine but in order to turn it into a success they need to show the evil side along wid the correct path.then only poeple will understand,communicate and try 2 know about the right way.
cheers to the cast and crew of laado..u guyss jus rawk..!! :)

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