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Friday, July 31, 2009

Rakhi ka Swayamwar - Decision on the 2nd of August

In my earlier post, I had mentioned that the marriage on Rakhi Ka Swamayamwar would happen on the 2nd of August. Then I read an interview of Rakhi Sawant yesterday that changed my perception. In this interview, doubts that I had about whether the marriage will actually take place were re-confirmed. Rakhi mentioned that she will not actually marry on the 2nd of August, but will take the actual decision on the 2nd of August. In fact, in the interview, Rakhi mentioned many variables such as getting to know her future husband better, spending time to see whether this is the right decision, and so on. Of course, once the show ends, who cares whether Rakhi is doing the correct thing by marrying a person she met only 2 months back.
The next 2 episodes on the show will be more about festivities, about mehendi decorations, and so on; but one is sure, that in this, Rakhi will be able to introduce the level of drama that she is famous for.

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