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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hindi TV Serials - Pratigya - Kesar pregnant with Shakti's child, soon after being abused

The serial is in for some more drama with multiple stories ongoing. The most important story going on right now is the story related to Kesar and the injustices committed on her. Shakti finally came to believe that he cannot have 2 wives, but his quest to have Arushi was so strong that he came to a rather horrible thought - that a way to get out of the problem of having 2 wives was to kill the first one, and so he decides to carry that through.
Shakti tries to kill Kesar by burying her, but the others (Pratigya and Krishna) manage to save her, and then Kesar gets Shakti arrested for this crime. This causes a huge amount of shock, especially when Sajjan Singh initially refused to support Shakti. Shakti is still in jail even when some time has passed, and he is very angry as to why his father is unable to get him released.
Sajjan Singh on the other hand is trying to be clever, wanting to attack the home of the professor indirectly, using some clever tactics rather than brute force and power. Right now, his house is in turmoil, with his elder son in jail and the younger son not supporting him; rather Krishna is tending more and more towards the right things to do, and tending to oppose his father / elder brother / mother. So, Sajjan Singh is starting to work on Adarsh, helping in getting him promoted and earn more money.
The new complication is that, Kesar, who is currently staying at the professor's home, is actually pregnant with Shakti's child, something that Komal learns and is confused about what to do.


tvnama said...

Pratigya is quite popular here in karachi, pakistan, while I haven't seen it I was wondering as I was reading the storyline in your post if two wives are allowed in Hinduism since as far as i know it isnt allowed. So how does the serial tackle this?

Ashish said...

2 wives are not allowed in Hinduism, and the police take action when there is a complaint. The serial shows the character getting worried when he is threatened by police action.

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