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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hindi TV Serials - Pavitra Rishta - Vaishu finally mentions the divorce word to Dharmesh

The serial is going through a whole gamut of emotions, with probably the most stable relationship currently between Manav and Archana. Both of Archana's sisters are going through a lot of tension in their relationship. When Varsha had an abortion earlier (something against the advice of her mother-in-law and husband Satheesh), one of the complications resulting from the abortion was the fact that doctors announced that she could not get pregnant again. However, she did not know this for a long time. Satheesh knew this, but did not want to tell her because of the impact this might have on her. Manav and Archana also had got to knew about this, and were advising Satheesh that he should tell Varsha, it is not fair to hide the truth from her. In all this discussion, especially when Vaishu was also there, Varsha overhead the truth, and this hit her in a bad way.
On the other hand, the story of Maanav is turning out to be good. His business of micro-finance, money lending to the poor without any collateral is so far turning out to be good, earning his some good money. Also working with him is Ajith, who has totally changed from his earlier incarnation in the serial, very supportive of Vandita now and willing to oppose his mother now when required (his mother Rasika is as arrogant as ever, even though she is no longer rich). Vinod on the other hand is in a difficult position, having lost his job and reduced to being in a much worse off financial condition.
Dharmesh is currently in the worst possible condition, with Vaishu remaining highly angry with him, and his mother and others not sure about what is going on; further, Satheesh is also very suspicious of what is going on and wants to know what is going on. Vaishu has now told Dharmesh that she wants a divorce.

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