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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hindi TV Serials - Laagi Tujhse Lagan - Dutta and Nakku on the run, Kala supreme right now

The serial has been showing Datta as the powerful gangster for quite some time, all powerful. His will reigns supreme and whatever he wants happens. He has enemies in the form of other mob bosses, but due to his ability, some luck, and the sheer effort put in by Nakku, he is able to defeat his major enemy, Anna.
It is the problems posed to him by his own that are causing him problems. His sister Kala, from the beginning, did not like Nakku and tried her best to ensure that differences kept on coming between Dutta and Nakku. Many times Nakku had to suffer because of these, since Kala was able to cleverly manipulate the events to show Nakku in a bad light. It is only because of Nakku's total dedication to Dutta that she was able to prove that she was right and in fact, saved him on multiple occasions. As a result, Dutta's mother and brother-in-law (Kala's husband, who does not support Kala in whatever she did) favor Nakku.
Now, the battle from within has put Dutta on the run. Kalavati has gone on a rampage, forcing Dutta on the defense. She has got the household in total control, with the loyal second in command also being forced to become inactive and most of the gang converting to her side, especially since they believe that Dutta is dead. But Dutta is not dead. Helped by Nakku, suffering from very poor visibility, he has managed to escape to the jungle and is now getting some treatment (in the form of a medicine made from local herbs).
The hope is that he will get his complete eyesight back, and come back to fight against Kala and her control of his gang and family.

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