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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Comedy Circus: Slightly Adult, but very good

Comedy Circus is a very controlled format with the whole show lasting just 13 weeks. I have always like the 'Great Laughter Challenge' and was wondering as to whether more comedy shows will be like me-too, trying to copy the format but otherwise being totally boring, but I was pleasantly surprised.
The show has a different format, with a total of 7 pairings, and in a unique twist, pairing 7 popular television actors ready to train under 7 well-known stand-up comedians. This seemed interesting, and when I got around to watching it, it was very interesting.

Comedy Circus on Sony

(Ali And Kashif enacting two beautiful ladies!!)

The people taking part in this program were the following: saucy Urvashi (Komolika) Dholakia, stage-cum-television actor Ketaki (ar ar arrrr...) Dave, sexy Karishma Tanna, cute and sweet Ali (Kamal) Asgar, ever popular Kiran (Om) Karmarkar, chocolate boy Swapnil Joshi and the versatile Varun Badola - they team up with well-known stand-up comedians like Shakeel Ahmed Siddiqui, VIP, Annu Mudgul, Pratap Faujdar, Khayali Saharan, Kashif Khan and Sunil Sawara. With these pairings, every week, the judges will give points based on their ability to make the audience and the judges laugh, and the 2 weakest pairs will then face a voting by the remaining contestants and one pair will leave.
The following were the pairing ups:
- Ali Asgar & Kashif Khan
- Karishma Tanna & Khayali Saharan (Voted out)
- Ketaki Dave & Pratap Faujdar
- Kiran Karmakar & Sunil Sawara (Voted out)
- Swapnil Joshi & VIP (Vijay Ishwarlal Pawar)
- Urvashi Dholakia & Shakeel Ahmed Siddiqui (Voted out)
- Varun Badola & Deepak Dutta (Voted out)
A bit more about the people involved is there in this link

Now most comedy programs are about jokes, but the jokes are of the clean kind. Comedy circus is slightly more risque. There are jokes about sex, lots of jokes about marriage, about parenting, about cross-dressing, attraction between males and females and between people of the same sex. It meanders on the edge, and can be fairly adult, but never really steps over the line.
The contest is anchored by Shruti Seth (and many of the contestants make humorous advances at her), with judging being done by Satish Shah, Archana Puran Singh and Johnny Lever (and judging seemed to be fairly decent, although one person's version of comedy may not be the same as that of another).
Some videos of the Comedy Circus can be found at this link (YouTube) and at the Forums link

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