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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Kumkum: Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan on Star Plus

This is yet another long running serial on Star Plus, the only difference being that it does not appear on the night slot, coming instead in the morning around 7:30 AM, and then coming at 1 PM in the afternoon, from Monday to Thursday. The show has created 2 stars in the name of Juhi Parmar and Hussain (who play the lead characters of Kumkum and Sumit), madly in love with each other. The show has been running for so long, having started on July 15, 2002 and still running (it recently crossed the 1000 epsiode level), one feels that until TRP pulls it down, the show will keep on going forever. And the show has already had the favorite part of the K series (even though it is made by another company); it has taken a time-leap to show another generation. Sumit and Kumkum however will keep on going forever.
The story is about the Wadhwa family, where Jatin and Sumit were brothers, with Jatin married to Kumkum, and Sumit in love with a college colleague. Sumit is however attached to Kumkum, and they are very good friends. However, when Jatin dies due to brain tumour, Sumit eventually marries Kumkum, and whatever we are seeing now is after that event. They are an extremely attached couple.
Kumkum is also a type of super-woman, which I think is the prime attraction she has among her audience. Like many others, she is forever on the side of good, always acts for the benefit of her family, is devoted to her husbands, in-laws and others. At the same time, she is not willing to take any injustice, and has often fought for her relatives (even using stealth and other such activities).
So, for example, when her own daughter-in was upto no good, essentially wanting everything and pushing the rest of the family out, it was Kumkum who fought back including appearing in disguise, exposed her wrong-doings and got her arrested for her wrong-doings. In another instance, when her own old friend wanted to break up Sumit-Kumkum over jealousy, she accused Sumit of outraging her modesty. It was then Kumkum who fought the legal case, and finally using a mixture of drama and shock, who finally got the old friend to admit to her crimes in court and got Sumit off.
So as long as the serial lasts, one can be sure that this is what will continue to happen, with things happening that impact Kumkum and her family, and Kumkum fighting back to save them, thus continuing the crusade of Indian's super-woman.

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