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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Latest developments on 'Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki'

This is one of the long running serials on Star Plus, being a Balaji (Ekta Kapoor) Telefilms creation and happening at the prime time of 10 PM on weekdays. This serial captures the usual incredible happenings in a large joint family, with good people suddenly turning bad, with a new wife suddenly appearing, with a son going ballistic when he learns that his mother is not actually his real mother, and so on.
In the ongoing episodes of the serial, the serial moves from the point where Parvati managed to get rid of all the bad elements in the family and got Trishna arrested for murder and numerous other acts. And then a new problem where the good son Pranay suddenly got to know that he was swapped between the mothers at the time of birth (this swapping never made sense), and turns into an evil and malicious person. And this was the person whom Parvati had handed over Rs. 500 crores to get out of the hands of Trishna, and he is now the owner of this whole money.
And the level of his change in the serial is so much that he refuses to accept his wife Maithili, and instead starts living with Mallishka, somebody whom he had rejected in the past. So Maithili has to see her husband living with another women and be treated like dirt by them; in fact Mallishka treats her like a servant, but slowly Maithili starts turning the tables.
And then something happens that changes everybody's impression of Pranay; he rapes Maithili and then tortures her after that. When Parvati wants to get him prosecuted, as usual, many members of her family turn against her and then her evidence gets stolen. Also, in a slightly tacky way, Balaji has used this incident to try and get public involvement in the incident. It is a tricky area since India does not recognize marital rape as a crime (and the way it has been presented in this serial, with a lot of drama and not much debate or substance is not going to move the law in any way).
However, with members of her family for and against her, Parvati goes very quickly to the Supreme Court (after her case is rejected in the High Court) and there manages to get her daughter to see the right track, return the evidence and provide the information necessary to get Pranay convicted for rape and sentenced to 7 years. It is handled in a very tacky way, with very little debate about such a complicated issue, and most disappointing.

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