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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na on Sony TV

Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na is a new serial that started on Sony on January 21 at 10 PM, and comes every weekday at the same time. From what appears on the serial, it promises to be a real tear-jerker. A prime-time serial, it is up against the long-running Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki on Star Plus on the same time slot, and requires a lot of drama to bring viewer attention. So, the creators have done what they can to put as much drama as they can into the serial.
So, the initial promos all talked about what happens when the bahu of a house has to choose between her parents house and her in-laws over a period of time. She is trying to be the good bahu, but is also responsible to her parents and wants to make sure that they do not feel deserted. So, if a pooja is going on in her inlaws home, something else major is going on in her parents home. Similarly, her parents are facing a bad time, and there are some obligations for her in her inlaws, so what does she do. What are the choices she will make ?
Currently, they are showing her life before marriage. They could not make the situation any worse. She is the prime supporter of her family, with 2 more sisters and 1 brother (her parents had 4 children, so without adequate financial resources, of course it would be difficult to support so many). The main cast of characters include:
Purnendu Joshi (Vijay Kashyap): The father. He has brought his children up and provided them a good education, but does not have good financial stability. He normally keeps cheerful.
Rukmini Joshi (Rameshwari): The mother. She constantly reproaches her husband for being a failure in life and not having enough financial resources. Believes in her son Vinay being the support of her life.
Vinay Joshi (Mehul Kajaria): Also appeared in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Teen Bahuraniyan. He is the one on whom the entire family believes as the future, but he is unconcerned, and selfish about wanting to make his own life. He will do what he can to get abroad, and leave his family in the lurch.
Aastha Joshi (Aastha Faujdar): The main star of the serial. She is the dutiful daughter who brings in the money to run the household, and has very good values.
Shilpa Joshi (Iti Shree): A young aspiring actress who wants to make it big, and willing to compromise on her values in order to make it big. Not interested in taking on the responsibility of her parents. Currently in trouble because of a photo-shoot where she shot in a swimming costume.
Chhaya Joshi (Sana Saeed): The youngest of the household, she is crippled because of an accident and needs continuous support. Hopeful that things will get better.

Video of sequence where Babul Aastha meets Shubh

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