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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A climax of a story on Teen Bahuraniyan

Every long-running serial runs on a basic premise, where the serial has a mini-story that runs for multiple episodes, sometimes as much as months altogether. The story runs on till it reaches a climax, and then the story can all together come to an end in a matter of 2-3 episodes, at which point the makers of the serial have to get another story together in which people would be interested, and then start that story, and so on. The characters remain the same, their basic nature remains the same, and it is entirely possible that the theme of the stories remain the same, but the content of the story may be very different.
And so it in Teen Bahuraniyan (the story of the Gheewala parivar), where 2 stories came very close together. First you had Sameer Gheewala (Manish Raisinghania) becoming distant from his Janki (Kadambari Kadam) (even though both of them madly loved each other) due to the machinations of Nisha, who wanted to marry Sameer and had the support of Sameer's mother, Indira Gheewala (Meenakshi Sethi). It was Sameer, who saw through the whole plan, supported by Vrinda Maasi (Smriti Irani coming back to the prime-time 10:30 slot after leaving Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi). Together they exposed Nisha and had a reunion with Janki, everything forgiven.
And then there was another story that was also very short - the mystery of the death of Vrinda Maasi's children in an accident. This was the opportunity that Kokila Gheewala (Nimisha Vakharia - the manipulator of the household) was looking for. Along with her Dadiji / Dwarkadas, (Anang Desai), they tell Sameer that he was responsible for the accident, and reach a point where Vrinda Maasi feels that it is her duty towards her dead children to prosecute Sameer in court. Sameer's lawyer is actually in favour of Dwarkadas, but in the end, Vrinda Maasi turns the table and makes everyone believe that Sameer was innocent, and it was actually Dwarkadas who was responsible for the accident. And so ends these 2 stories.

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