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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Banoo Main Teri Dulhan - A twist in the story

Seems like Om Shanti Om is the flavour of the season. Banoo Main Teri Dulhan was moving towards a climax for some time, since it seemed that Vidya was getting braver, and ready to face Sindoora in order to protect Sagar. Sagar, on the other hand, was getting closer to the truth, and then finally realized that his eldest sister meant him harm; and so it proved. In fact, he had been facing harm from Sindoora for quite some time.
And then it happened, in a climax that Zee TV is trying to extend for some time, Sindoora finally took action. She shot both Vidya and Sagar, shocking fans of the serial. A number of fans must have expected that once Sindoora's truth is out in front of Sagar, things would come to an end and she would be exposed, but very difficult to expect something like this happening. So both of them are now dead, and the serial is focusing on the changes in the family after this happening.
But, more importantly, the twists in the story are being told through glimpses of the future story. So, it seems like that Sagar and Vidya will take re-birth, meet again and then take revenge on Sindoora, exposing her reality. People were afraid of what would happen to the serial when Sagar learns the truth, but now the serial can get extended for a large number of episodes.

Shots of the final moments

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