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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Balika Vadhu - Finally Gehna delivers a baby

Balika Vadhu always has those scenes of distress and plotting. So, where Kalyani still does not treat Gehna with respect, Gehna cannot forget what Kalyani had told her in terms of threatening her parents and family. As a result, Gehna had decided to stay in the house and give birth to the baby as a way of paying off Dadisa, but as she told her sister-in-law, she would leave after giving the baby. When Vasanth heard this, he was very distressed since he had started to love Gehna, and had treated her with a lot of respect, even listening to whatever she had to stay and paying attention to her.
On the other side, in Shyaam's and Sugna's house, his Tauji, Shyaam's father elder brother could not accept that the first child for the family would be born due to Pratap and not Shyaam, and finally decide to get rid of Sugna's child. This was not something that they could tell to Shyam or Sugna, so they decide to take other steps that would induce the abortion of Sugna's baby while still in her womb.
On a final side, Gehna finally reaches the point where she has to give birth, and is taken to hospital where the doctors give an ultimatum that either her baby or she can be saved. Dadisa of course decides that the child is more important, but Vasanth wants Gehna, and finally this has a happy ending where Gehna and the child (a boy) are saved. Kalyani is thrilled and informs everybody about the child.

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