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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai, Ranveer in lots of trouble

When everything else seems to be going right for the serial and the characters, then there is a need to add complexities to the story and turn it around. As a part of this, in the serial, when everything seemed to be going fine, you either add some new villainous characters to the scene or change the circumstances, and that is what they have done in Bidaai.
First they added a daadi-bua who does not like Vasu at all and who seeks to play people against one another, and then complicated matters by adding a deadly case. Just when Daadi-Bua seemed to be pushing Ragini and Sadhana against each other by implying that their husbands were being treated distinctly, came a case whereby some hoodlums were troubling Sadhana, and then Ranveer assaulted one of them very severely.
As a result, the hoodlum is very critically injured, and Ranveer is now in jail, and now Sadhana has to either speak the truth and see Ranveer get a long jail term, or she has to lie if she wants to retain her relationships, especially with Ragini. Ranveer is being prosecuted by a lawyer who has not lost a case, and he promises to get a long term for Ranveer.

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