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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bandini - Dharamraj distances himself from relatives

Bandini has entered a somewhat strange territory. For some time Santo had been keeping the secret of Tarulata, the fact that she earlier married to Kanji Vagela, and that she also had a son Moulick, who was brought up as Dharamraj's son. This was something that his wife, Subhadra was also knowing about, but Dharamraj did not know about this, and was never told.
Just before Anamika came into the picture, claimed to be Subhadra, and was then exposed as being a fraud, Dharamraj had married Santo formally and given her all the rights. However, he comes to see Subhadra's diary, and realizes that a secret is being held from him. He tells Santo that a husband and wife have no secrets, but she is not able to tell him the secret of Taulata's marriage.
And then Dharamraj gets to know. He is shocked beyond measure; telling Tarulata and Santo that he is breaking his relationship with them, scolds and slaps Moulick for not telling him, and then he calls a Pandit to do a prayer since he no longer has Moulick for a son. And then he hands out the punishment to Santu - Santu will stay in the house, but Dharamraj will not acknowledge her or have anything to do with her. Motiben / Tarulata has gone to Kanji's house and moved out of the house, and DM now misses her.

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