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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai, Ranveer in lots of trouble

When everything else seems to be going right for the serial and the characters, then there is a need to add complexities to the story and turn it around. As a part of this, in the serial, when everything seemed to be going fine, you either add some new villainous characters to the scene or change the circumstances, and that is what they have done in Bidaai.
First they added a daadi-bua who does not like Vasu at all and who seeks to play people against one another, and then complicated matters by adding a deadly case. Just when Daadi-Bua seemed to be pushing Ragini and Sadhana against each other by implying that their husbands were being treated distinctly, came a case whereby some hoodlums were troubling Sadhana, and then Ranveer assaulted one of them very severely.
As a result, the hoodlum is very critically injured, and Ranveer is now in jail, and now Sadhana has to either speak the truth and see Ranveer get a long jail term, or she has to lie if she wants to retain her relationships, especially with Ragini. Ranveer is being prosecuted by a lawyer who has not lost a case, and he promises to get a long term for Ranveer.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Balika Vadhu - Finally Gehna delivers a baby

Balika Vadhu always has those scenes of distress and plotting. So, where Kalyani still does not treat Gehna with respect, Gehna cannot forget what Kalyani had told her in terms of threatening her parents and family. As a result, Gehna had decided to stay in the house and give birth to the baby as a way of paying off Dadisa, but as she told her sister-in-law, she would leave after giving the baby. When Vasanth heard this, he was very distressed since he had started to love Gehna, and had treated her with a lot of respect, even listening to whatever she had to stay and paying attention to her.
On the other side, in Shyaam's and Sugna's house, his Tauji, Shyaam's father elder brother could not accept that the first child for the family would be born due to Pratap and not Shyaam, and finally decide to get rid of Sugna's child. This was not something that they could tell to Shyam or Sugna, so they decide to take other steps that would induce the abortion of Sugna's baby while still in her womb.
On a final side, Gehna finally reaches the point where she has to give birth, and is taken to hospital where the doctors give an ultimatum that either her baby or she can be saved. Dadisa of course decides that the child is more important, but Vasanth wants Gehna, and finally this has a happy ending where Gehna and the child (a boy) are saved. Kalyani is thrilled and informs everybody about the child.

Bandini - Dharamraj distances himself from relatives

Bandini has entered a somewhat strange territory. For some time Santo had been keeping the secret of Tarulata, the fact that she earlier married to Kanji Vagela, and that she also had a son Moulick, who was brought up as Dharamraj's son. This was something that his wife, Subhadra was also knowing about, but Dharamraj did not know about this, and was never told.
Just before Anamika came into the picture, claimed to be Subhadra, and was then exposed as being a fraud, Dharamraj had married Santo formally and given her all the rights. However, he comes to see Subhadra's diary, and realizes that a secret is being held from him. He tells Santo that a husband and wife have no secrets, but she is not able to tell him the secret of Taulata's marriage.
And then Dharamraj gets to know. He is shocked beyond measure; telling Tarulata and Santo that he is breaking his relationship with them, scolds and slaps Moulick for not telling him, and then he calls a Pandit to do a prayer since he no longer has Moulick for a son. And then he hands out the punishment to Santu - Santu will stay in the house, but Dharamraj will not acknowledge her or have anything to do with her. Motiben / Tarulata has gone to Kanji's house and moved out of the house, and DM now misses her.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on Star Plus - Problems for the lady

Akshara is running into multiple problems on Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain on Star Plus. A lot of this is just miscommunication and wrong thoughts, and also due to a different level of conservative behavior between the 2 families.
Akshara is from a family where there is less conservatism, where the daughter-in-laws of the house are not supposed to have purdah all the time, and she has got married into a house which is much more conservative. The morals of this house are run by the grandfather, and he is much more conservative. And this is where Akshara has got caught.
She was already lonely when Naitik went to Delhi for some work, but was unable to take Akshara since his grandfather did not see a reason to combine work and pleasure, and thus this was the first time after marriage that Akshara was left at home while Naitik was out of town. And then the incident happened, where Akshara had gone with her brother and sister-in-law out to enjoy, and the grandfather saw her outside, without her pallu over head. He was shocked, and scolded her mother-in-law for not inculcating the proper morals in her, and this was further told to Akshara, increasing the distance between her and the elders in the house.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - Jhoomar saves Ammaji, but then ..

Na Aana Is Des Ladoo continues to show how Ammaji gets saved from all possible situations. When the District Magistrate is unable to get Jhoomar from Ammaji for satisfying his lust (a depiction of a DM that angered the Government), he threatens Ammaji with jail for the crime of pocketing all the relief supposed to be given to farmers. Obviously, it is difficult to find farmers who would be willing to give evidence against Ammaji, but the DM uses his own force to convince somebody to do so. Ammaji's men manage to grab this person, but the DM is warned by Ammaji's own angry son about the location of the farmer.
However, in the court case, Ammaji gets a relief when Jhoomar gives evidence against the DM (although why a case of wrongful pocketing of relief could be changed by a character problem), and he goes back triumphantly home. At home however, things get problematic when Jhoomar's potential husband runs away since Jhoomar is now tainted after her testimony. Ammaji is wild, literally seeming crazy, and orders that the groom and his family be found no matter what; and they apparently are able to find the groom finally.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update on Zee TV's 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa'

Pritam da’s hairy resolution
Pritam Da who was the special judge on SaReGaMaPa Mega Challenge this week has shocked the audience by his resolution for next year. Prtiam Da has had a long association with the show and he made an interesting announcement in the coming episode. He said that the next time he comes on the show, which would be a year later, he would have lost 20 KGs of weight and would also get rid of his long tresses and would be seen clean shaven. The anchors – Manish and Vipul were pulling a fast one on Pritam saying a lot of his fans have requested him to trim his hair. They actually went upto him with scissors and cut a bit of his hair. That’s when Pritam shocked everyone with his announcement. Looks like after Himesh Reshammiya, Pritam is in line of the music directors to try a new look. His long hair, beard and moustache are his signature style and we wonder if anyone would even recognize Pritam without his beard!

SaReGaMaPa gets its new anchors just after a week
Just after the first two episodes of Zee TV's ‘Hero Honda Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Mega Challenge’, the anchors - Archana Jani and Karan Singh were replaced. Manish Paul and Vipul Roy, the pair that has been hosting 'Ghar Ghar Mein' on the channel has been finalised to play the anchors on SaRaGaMaPa Mega Challenge henceforth.

A long journey for Manish and Vipul
Both the anchors are super-excited about their new role.
Vipul who has been long associated with the show, never thought of actually being in front of the camera. He worked with the spotlight (behind the scenes) crew during SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2007. Similarly Manish as a kid, use to imitate Sonu Nigam during the initial episodes of the show. An excited Manish says, “I always wished that I anchored a show someday and do a job as good as Sonu Nigam. Today standing in his place and trying to deliver the same means a lot to me.”

Its MP v/s Gujarat on SaReGaMaPa Mega Challenge
After the maha battle between Maharshtra and UP last week, teams from Gujarat and MP are all geared to take each other on this weekend. The teams delivered excellent performances this week and encouraging their spirits were Pritam da and Sadhana Sargam who couldn’t stop raving about the participants’ talent.

Aap ki Antara - A time shift to slightly older people

Zee TV’s Aap Ki Antara takes a leap along with the change in the time slot
Meet the new Antara, Abhishek and Billu
This would be the last week when the audiences will get to watch the masti and antics of the little kiddos of Aap ki Antara. Yes, the show takes a leap along with the change in the time slot. Earlier telecasted Monday – Friday at 8:30 pm, the show has been shifted to 10:30 pm time band, Monday – Thursday. Sooraj Barjatya’s latest offering ‘yahaan main Ghar Ghar Kheli’ will now be shown at the 8:30pm time band, mon –fri , starting 17th November.
The latest development also comes with a leap. From the coming week (16 November 2009) the audiences will find all the kids- Antara, Abhishek & Billu in their adolescence. The primary traits of all the characters will remain the same except for some behavioral pattern.

Sandeep Upadhyay as Billu
Aaina mehta plays Antara
Sahil will play Abhishek

Antara’s character will be played by Aaina Mehta. We’ll now find Antara more proactive and tuned to a fixed routine in life. She would switch off all the lights of the house at 10pm because 10pm is her sleeping time. She’ll also trying speaking a few wrds.
Abhishek’s character will be played by Sahil and Billu’s character would be portrayed by Sandeep Upadhyay. We’ll find Abhishek over burdened with responsibilities. Billu on the other hand would turn out to be really sharp and manipulative but in a good way. A good soul by heart but loves to do all kinds of tomfoolery to get ahead in life.

Enjoy Nautanki TV