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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Going in for a time leap, with Anandi becoming 18 years old, Sugna devastated by Shyam

The serial has been moving a bit and meandering, showing an attempt by Maasa to get Jagdish married for a second time; something which Anandi's parents got to know and did a lot of effort to prevent. Finally, when everything got settled, Bhairon decided that he could not trust Maasa and wanted to leave the house, but was finally persuaded by Vasant to not leave the house.
And then there was the huge drama about Sugna. For a long time, there was a story about how Shyam would turn negative, but it seemed that it was just a story, but now things seem to have finally come full circle. After supporting Sugna for a very long time, including promising that he will live with the memory of Pratap, Shyam finally turned against Sugna.
The incident was the death ceremony of Pratap, where Sugna was persuaded emotionally by Pratap's mother that she badly needed Sugna there; and then Sugna went there after lying to her inlaws about this, since she was not sure whether they would like this. However, her inlaws found out, and there was huge amount of drama.
The net result was that when Sugna was in hospital, she lost the baby that she was having along with Shyam, and then her inlaws deserted her over there, and Shyam was part of deserting her. When Maasa along with family members went to Shyam's house, Sugna was in for a shock, where Shyam claimed that he had married Sugna out of pity, but he was shocked when Sugna killed their baby child; this shocked Sugna and she gave him a strong piece of her mind, claiming that he was being dishonest.
Now, the serial will go in for a time leap, where Anandi is now 18 years old, and they serial is doing a SMS contest to determine which particular girl the audience would like to see as the older Anandi.

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