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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Akshara and Naitik are facing the heat as they buy a new house

This one situation seems ridiculous. I think that this serial seems to have outlived its usefulness, so the makers of the serial have hit on a formula. Whenever, there is an occasion, spend multiple weeks showing all the events of that occasion. So, Nandini's marriage seemingly went through all the festivities being shown in the serial; and then next, there are always some incidents that happen, where Akshara is tested or shown in some sort of bad way and then she has to fight to ensure that she is not misunderstood.
So, soon after Nandini's marriage is over, the next huge drama is being shown. You have Naitik deciding to buy a house for Akshara since she liked the house (how many people do something like buying a house for their wife when they know that they cannot live in that house); and then once this is know in the household, Naitik's mother turns into a total shrieker. She tells Akshara that Akshara has plans to live along with Naitik in another house and would leave this house, and nobody is willing to tell her that she is totally wrong and to give up this drama.
Akshara on the other hand is totally struck down by all this, since she did not know about the purchase till it was announced by Naitik much later, and her own mother-in-law refuses to support her; and Naitik also gets on a high horse and says that he will not sell the house since he has not done anything wrong, and selling the house now would mean that admitting that he had wrong thoughts. Akshara is now stuck in the middle, and in the meantime her mother got to know about this, and was unwilling to support Akshara on this, even more so, since her own son Shaurya had decided to leave the house and stay elsewhere along with his wife.
The others in the house who are elder somehow are not able to do anything significant in this regard.

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