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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Laagi Tujhse Lagan on Colors - Dutta and Nakusha go down in a cliff in their vehicle, safe, and romantic

Things keep on moving fast in this serial. Soon after Nakku proved herself in the eyes of Dutta by saving him from the goons of Anna at the temple, he decided that no matter what she was supposed to have done in the past, she has absolved herself of the supposed crime of betraying him by helping Supriya escape, and as a result, she should consider herself free of the punishment that he levied. However, Nakusha has always loved Dutta, and can never think of leaving him, but Dutta is now going to leave her to the city, along with her mother and Sethji (along with his trusted lieutant).
On the way, Dutta is somewhat lacking in concentration, and his car heads straight towards a cliff. The terrain is muddy, and slippery, and it seems very difficult to get the vehicle to stop from going over the cliff. Everybody else gets off from the vehicle, but Nakku refuses, saying now that she will stop listening to the orders of Dutta, and she will stay with him. And finally, the vehicle does go over the cliff, with both of them being injured and thrown about.
And Anna's men are after them, with both of them trying to remain hidden, and being chased by Anna's men. At the same time, Naku is unsure about when to reveal to Dutta that she is actually fair in color, something that makes her very attractive. In the meantime, back in the house, there is a lot of shock at the probability that Dutta and Nakku could have died in the crash; and then the purohit of the family says that Dutta is probably alive, due to the presence of a person whose name starts with 'N'.

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