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Friday, September 17, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Rahna Hain Teri Palkon Ki Chaon Mein - The serial comes to an end on 17 September, with Suman avenging her death

The serial came to an abrupt end on the 17th of September, 2010, and in a very strange way. The serial was exploring the life of Suman, who fell in love with Karan, was admired by the other brother Karthik, got married to Karan who was supposed to have died during the honeymoon. Further, she suffered a lot when she became a widow (including the various social pressures and isolation that a widow faces), but Karthik was always supporting her. And then she was supposed to be married to Karthik, when Karan decides to come back. However, she was married to Karthik, with Karan standing by (after coming back from a coma, induced by Suman's rival Nandini who wants to marry Karthik, and who thinks that getting Karan back will help in preventing Suman from getting married to Karthik).
The serial finally ended on a very strange note, with a huge touch of the supernatural. The story goes that there was another lady who was mad after Karthik, called Niharika. She decides to get rid of Suman, kidnaps her, and throws her off a cliff, and Suman dies. She further pretends that she has Karthik's baby in her womb, and hence there is social pressure to get them married. However, Suman's urge to protect Karthik is so strong that she comes back from the dead in the form of a spirit, in order to get Niharika to confess to her crimes.
Niharika gets to know that Suman is indeed dead, that it is her spirit, and yet is unable to convince the other house members to do the same. She even shows them a mirror in which Suman cannot be seen, but the others do not accept. Suman agrees to let Karthik and Niharika marry, but then gets Niharika to get scared enough that she confesses to her crime and is arrested by the police and then Suman vanishes.

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