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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Geet decided to tell the story about her pregnancy to Mann

The story of the serial is getting a bit complicated. Geet and Mann were getting very close to each other, with Mann wanting to show her as his fiancee, since that would make his grandmother very happy. Behind the scenes, she also pushes them closer. Both Mann and Geet are happy with this, even though Geet wants to keep some distance because of her circumstances. However, Mann is confused over why she seems to be hesitating even though he seems to sense that she also likes him. They spend a lot of time over this confusion, being closer to each other or further away from each other depends on their emotions.
In office, Mann felt a bit strange since the entire office was doing a celebration for him (his engagement with Geet) and he did not like it, given how business like he is. However, when it turned out that his grandmother did the arrangement, he had no option but to agree to let the office remain decorated and cut the cake as well.
However, the real danger now comes for Geet since she wants to tell Mann the entire status of her previous issues, including the fraud marriage, and her pregnancy, and she knows that this news will be a shock for Mann. However, inspired by the fact that Mann told her that he admires her for her courage and honesty, she finally takes the step of telling him that she is pregnant. Mann is shocked at this news, and starts shunning her, refusing to let her tell the entire story about what had happened to her. Geet is trying to make the effort, but is getting repulsed by Mann.

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