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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Geet told her truth, and Mann accepted it after some drama

The serial moves fairly fast. From the time when Geet had a fake engagement with Mann to ensure that Mann's grandmother was feeling fine, things moved fairly fast. Geet was uncomfortable with the fact that she was hiding her past from Mann, and told Mann that she was pregnant. For Mann, who believed that he was in love with Geet, and that she also liked him, this was a big shock and he treated like she had betrayed him.
However, Geet was determined to tell him the truth about what had happened to her, and inspite of the fact that Mann started treating her with suspicion, and even showed some amount of distaste for her, Geet finally managed to get Mann into a room, and told him about what all had happened to her - her marriage by her family to an eligible NRI called Dev, his abandoning her after one night, the anger of her family against her for the pregnancy, and the attempt to end the pregnancy. She basically asks Mann as to what is her fault in all this, and Mann really cannot say anything. However, Mann does say that he thought that she was his, something that really shocks her.
She starts running away from her, and Mann soon realizes his mistake. He also realizes that he behaved badly towards her, and decides that he wants her in his life, even with her pregnancy. However, by that time, she has run away and people are not willing to tell him where she has gone. He finally manages to track her down at the railway station and brings her back after a little drama. They are now together, and both know that they love each other a lot, but they still have some amount of playful banter.
At the same time, Dev is reformed, after his wife Nayantara leaves, and his school friend comes to him; and he confesses all his past misdeeds to her.

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