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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Geet and Mann get married, but there seems to be a gap

The show is getting more sensitive, and they keep on showing a lot of love between Geet and Mann, as well as the misunderstandings between them which also get cleared pretty quickly. So, the marriage between Geet and Mann happens, and when the time comes for the wedding night, Geet is anticipating love between them. However, she is very disappointed when Mann sleeps off separately, something that he tells her is because she was very tired after the activities of the marriage. Geet accepts this, but something like this happens the next day as well, and this troubles Geet a lot.
She confronts Mann but does not get a very good feeling, with some tension. Further, the fact that Mann goes off to office the first day after the marriage is troubling to her (and to Dadima who scold Mann for this same thing). When people from the office come to meet Geet, she is unable to tell them how troubled she is over this whole thing; and then Mann leaves for the day outside the city for some important deal - this troubles Geet even more.
Geet finally finds some resolution when she meets her doctor, who tells her that Mann was very troubled by the state of Geet's and her childs health, and was advised by her doctor not to have physical relations with Geet since this might be troubling for their health - and Mann decides that he needs to follow this, no matter what his feeling are, and he does not tell Geet about all this. The respect that Geet has for Mann increases dramatically based on this information from the doctor, and she understands everything that Mann was doing.
The relation between Anvesha and Arjun also becomes worse, since Arjun starts telling her about he did not love her or anything like that, this was just revenge.

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