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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Anybody remember 'Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi' ?

Imagine the surprise, I change channels around 8:30 on the morning, and on Star Gold (I think, not fully sure about the channel) I see a serial long lost from memory. The familiar figures of Satish Shah, Swaroop Sampat and Rakesh Bedi on screen, and the serial looking old. This has to be .. 'Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi'. I watched the whole episode with rapt attention, it was about Renu (Swaroop) and Raja (Rakesh Bedi) trying to get some money to pay insurance premium for Renu's husband Ranjit (the late Shafi Inamdar) who is out on some business trip. They rent out a room to Satish Shah and then an aunt Farida Jalal came along. To tell the truth, I did not laugh as much as I used to when originally watching the serial (a long long time back), but I still found it funny.
The serial brought out a fair amount of nostalgia. This serial used to come on Doordarshan a long time back (starting in 1985) and used to be very popular. Doordarshan at that time used to only start making some sense around 7 PM (starting with Krishi Darshan, which I don't know anyone watching) and then would have some serials and of course Chitrahaar (one day of the week initially). Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi was one of the more popular ones.
If you look at it now, the sets will seem ordinary, acting will seem okay, the stars will not wear fancy clothes or jewellery and talk about obscene sums of money; but the serial was fun. It basically starred the following people - Shafi Inamdar as Ranjit, Swaroop Sampat as Renu (his wife), Raja as her brother (Rakesh Bedi), Satish Shah as the chameleon (in each episode, he would play a different character), Ranjit's boss (Tikku Talsania), the chachi (Farida Jalal).
These people, on a low budget and lots of effort and time shooting ended up making a serial (directors being Kundan Shah and Manjul Sinha) that was exceedingly well acclaimed and ended up making celebrities and giving the actors a very good reputation.
Even the title track of Yeh Jo Hai, Yeh Jo Hain Zindagi (sung by Kishore Kumar) turned out to be very popular. The serial ran for a couple of seasons, got dropped for some time, and then came back, but was not so popular the second time. Eventually the serial shut down.

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Quality Tale said...

Dear Deepti,

How i cud forgotten this SERIAL...RAJESH BEDI, SWAROOP SAMPAT...all are is based on real life....actually at that time i was in 9th standard....i cud not miss any episode....thanx for remembering the olden days...

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