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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kahani Ghar Ghar ki: Finally some conclusions

No, it does not mean that the serial will end. A serial, running at the prime time of 10 PM every day on Star Plus, is too hot an item to terminate. Putting a new serial in at this time would be like opening the slot for rivals to try and put something better on Zee or Sony to take advantage. But, if one looks at the serial, this is a good current position to try and bring the serial to an end.
For the past long time, the serial has been moving on the leg of one story, the conflict between Parvati/Janaki (Sakshi Tanwar) and Trishna (Mita Vashist). The current conflict has its roots in a story developing over the past several years in the serial. Parvati and Om (Kiran Karmarkar) had a happy marriage; then they suddenly revealed that Om had to get married due to circumstances to Trishna (she was mentally disturbed) and Om owed many debts to her father.
Then this became known to other house people, including Parvati. Om dies. Parvati, being good and so on, gets Trishna married to the younger brother Kamal. It slowly becomes clear that Trishna had got Om killed, and she manages to manipulate things such that people in the household believe (incredible thing) that Parvati had a hand in the killing of Om.
Cut to 18 years later in a time leap. Parvati is believed dead, and Trishna has taken control of the house, crushing the spirits of everyone in the house. Kamal is a drunkard. Parvati re-enters in the form of Janaki (along with Aruna Irani as her mentor - they really try to play the theme of Krishna/ Arjuna and the Mahabharat/ Gita with the concept of fighting against her own relatives and defeating Trishna). No specific source is shown for Janaki's wealth.
And here is the tussle, rather than go in for a facial surgery and change of character as every other K serial seems to be doing, Janaki sports the same face as Parvati, causing immense confusion amongst everyone. She plays an arrogant rich women to whom Trishna is beholden, while at the same time pretending to be uncaring of everything Trishna does against her relatives. Of course, she is still a good daughter-in-law, so she manages to always help them against Trishna.
And then the climax. For some time, I was actually enjoying the serial where there was this confrontation going on, and knew that this could be stretched on for another year or so, and then suddenly there was this episode on Friday where Parvati's daughter confronts her with a gun (accusing her of trying to provoke her son away), and Trishna is watching, content to let mother and daughter kill each other. A shot goes off, light goes off, and Tina Pareikh (Shruti - Parvati's daughter) is on the floor with a buller wound in the abdomen, sure to die. And then, Trishna, apparently not having heard of sting shows, speaks her mind to Parvati/Janaki, admitting every crime that she did and claiming that Parvati cannot do a thing.
Well, as you watch the expression on Parvati's face, you know that there must be a TV camera somewhere, and sure enough there is a TV suddenly popping up, showing off the confession. Dutifully, the lights come on, the entire family troops in, and Shruti gets up. After a few slaps from assorted people to Trishna, the police lead her away. Now, if only the serial makers consider this a good conclusion and terminate the serial soon after, but we all know that this will not happen ...

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