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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Banoo Main Teri Dulhan on Zee

This is a programme that appears on 8 PM weekdays on Zee. Like most hindi serials, it has stretched too long and should have set a mission of ending when things seemed to be on a clear track, but apparently not. I remember a time on Doordarshan when serials were assigned 13 episodes, and then given extensions if required, but then came some soap operas such as Hum Log and Buniyaad that had open ended stories, meaning that you could stretch the serial for decades if you wanted. 2 serials, Kyunki Saas Bhi Bahu Thi and Kumkum on Star seem to be heading for that goal.
This serial also has the same standard things, a young idealistic sweet girl gets married into a rich family, and then has to suffer for some reason or the other. The plus points about this serial are that 2 newcomers, from the talent hunt Zee Cinestar ki Khoj have been selected for the main parts, the couple who are at the center of the who going-ons.
In a nutshell, the serial is about this illiterate girl from Benaras, Vidya (Divyanka) who is happy when she is getting married into the rich Thakur household as part of an earlier agreement. But her happiness gets disturbed when she realizes that her to-be-husband, Sagar (Sharad Malhotra) is mentally challenged and appears to have the same mental abilities as a child. But she anyhow agrees to this marriage. She is seen to be the ultimate Indian women, dedicated to her husband, respectful to elders, unable to do any trickery, crying a lot when she sees injustices being done to her (and there are an awful lot); in short, not like any Indian girl you may know.
And then starts her journey? What do you do when you are married to somebody who does not know what marriage means, and especially when you husband is influenced by his bitchy sister, Kamya (Kamya Punjabi) who is out to make life miserable for Vidya in all ways.
And there keep on complications happening in the serial, such as the arrival of a girl with a child whom she claims is Sagar's, who is like a child himself and certainly would not know as to how a child happens. So there is DNA testing, and mis-reporting and so on. Eventually Sagar starts getting attracted to her, but that is another story.
I have to confess, I watch the serial only when I am there in front of the TV at that time, and don't make any extra effort to watch it. The serial is (a bit) unbelievable and one wonders whether it will ever show the proper human emotions around trying to handle an adult with a child's mind.


The Angel said...

Nice write up, Love to read your take on Hindi Serials. Here are my thoughts on this serial.

Duvidha Kumari - That should have been the name of the Serial. Vidya, the protagonist, is always in dire straits and her sis-in-laws seem to get the better of her. Somehow by "Bholay Shamboonath’s" blessings everything falls into place...but WAIT, only for a few seconds before another drama unfolds followed by more conniving machinations, conspiracy and collusion.

How in the world can a normal breathing human being tolerate so much injustice is beyond me. Obvious situations are bent into convoluted and contorted messes beyond the boundaries of common sense, my shoes off err…hats off to the inept and nonsensical direction and story writing.

Please end Vidya’s misery and ours too. Please tell her to get an education, learn to read and write and get in touch with the real world. Please tell the director that he/she tries to build so much hoopla, nail-biting and tight scenarios, so that the culmination of an episode is always a huge DAMP-SQUIB anti-climax. If I dont watch this show for a month and tune back in, it would make no difference since the story would have barely moved or moved into unpredictable and distasteful turn of events. Sindoora, the evil sis-in-law has no redeeming qualities as a human being and I am amazed how she supposedly manages their riches and empire in the midst of all this scheming and plotting.

I am afraid if I watch this show regularly I will die because of an overdose of stupidity. Can someone please explain whats with the weird jarring sound and visual effects? More air time is lost zooming in and out and shifting from and into a scene accompanied with banging cymbals, drum rolls and one of those generic suspense-music setting than any actual story telling.

Through it all, I have to say I am becoming fond of Divyanka Thripathi, she does her part well and must explore more modern characters and histrionics. Wishing her well....

Nandan said...

By chance I met Divyanka the other day, she was here to be the guest of honor at 'Bride and Groom' exhibition and some press. Was around for few hours but probably could never relate to all the questions which Press and people were asking, guess one of the few times when one wonders that why you dont know any thing about this serial :)

She is from Bhopal and no star tantrums at all.

Raghav said...

Only super idiots can watch this show (dulhann). How in the world can this serial be a top TV show (this goes to show avergae indian IQ is far less when watching TV or movies)? The events are so unbelievable and foolish that even a small kid can see throught it (but not our bahoos)!!

Enjoy Nautanki TV