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Monday, June 25, 2007

Kasauti Zindagi Kay videos

If you a fan of Mr. Bajaj, Prerna, Aparna, Basu, and want videos, then for videos of Kasauti Zindagi Kay (a long running serial on Star Plus at 8:30 PM weekdays), you can refer to the following locations:

AOL Video & AOL Video2

YouTube1 & YouTube2

Google Videos1 & Google Videos 2

If you use torrents, then refer to this site


Shruti said...

Hi dear,
Came here through India Counts..Nice blog of Televison serials..
But, kausauti really irritates me..i cant bear them here on videos also..

Anyways, take care

sweta said...

Hi sweta here.

Your serial is very good and i always see this with my family.
We fan of Mr.Bajaj & Old Prem.
Prem & Bajaj acting we like.
pls old prem call back u.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

hi Ekta Kapoor,

This is Sheka Choden from Paro, Bhutan....I wonder if u know how popular the K-series are in Bhutan. Every house having a tv watches all ur series and are big fans, including my grandma who is 69 years old. She wont miss a single episode. I have to translate after every dialogue. Her fav is Kasauti....she thinks Prerna is the most beautiful woman in India. Everybody at home are big fans...u have no idea how crazy they are...they even name our new born cows...after the characters in the series...if the claf is beautiful and nice they give names of the charaters which are nice in the series and the vice versa hehe...My grandma has a photoframe of Prerna n Anurag in her room. She likes the old Anurag though....n still hopes Aunrag n Prerna will be one in the end hehe.....She wishes to meet Prerna one day.

Thank u....i hope all the cast n entire team of Kasauti reads this.

Sheka, Bhutan

Bharat said...

I am bored Of this saas bahu concept....
The other day i saw the show Hum Ladkiyan The show looks more realistic than the other soaps on TV now days the characters dont
look larger than life.. u know! the expensive fake sets and too much makeup all the time hope the
rest of the shows will learn some thing..wihs these girsl all the best :)
there are some interesting videos of the girls on the link below check it out &

soniya said...


i want a full serial video i love kasauti serial want to see it again and again if their is option let me know i would buy the cd or dvd

Enjoy Nautanki TV