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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Banoo Main Teri Dulhan

The serial is slowly moving in circles, with an elongated version of a love story between Divya and Amar. After their previous time in Benaras, when Divya left abruptly to honor her promise to Bindiya, they are slowly realizing that they are in love with each other. However, Divya thinks that she cannot marry Amar and hence agrees to marry Samrat, who in the meantime has made another girl pregnant (strange stories being spun around each character).
Amar has come to search for Divya, while Sindoora is on the lookout for figuring out what is going to happen; ever since she saw Divya and saw the same face as Vidya (whom she had killed), she was waiting for the emergence of Sagar in the form of a new person and then she saw Amar.
Now Amar is in the same house as Divya and Sindoora, and Sindoora has co-opted Chandra to help her in framing Amar in something as simple as a theft and getting rid of him. As soon she sees Amar, she remembers both the words of the priest that she will be defeated by these very people, and also remember the words of the dying Sagar that he will come back some day.
Right now, in order to elongate the serial, both Divya and Amar have been shown as missing each other a lot, and even though they are both in the same house (Amar in the form of a waiter), they miss each other by the barest amount; once they were actually back to back. Amar also remembers things in the house, while he should have no knowledge of the place since in this life, he has not been in this house.

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