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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kasturi: Twists and turns

One wonders about the twists and turns that various serials take. Kasturi has gone through so many turns and twists that anybody who had seen the serial even 1 month ago would have got confused. So, just some time back Robbie was totally against Kasturi because of the way she had treated him during his illness and had almost turned her out of the house. It was only the arrival of Mausi that changed things in the house and she took total control of the situation.
And then suddenly in the space of 1-2 episodes, everything changed. Robbie realized that he still loved Kasturi and proclaimed that he was not going to get engaged again, instead his heart still beats for Kasturi (and thank god too, since till then, the number of tears that Kasturi was forced to shed would have drowned the whole house).
But just when things were getting better, an urgent signal was sent out to Raunaq to return, and he did return, proclaiming injury and a memory loss as a result of which Kasturi and Robbie could not get together again, she had to be deputed to take care of Robbie (who is faking the injury, and Kasturi knows it); so she is trying to get everybody to know his real self and expose his fake nature. One expects that in the next few weeks, something major will happen.

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