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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann update

A short update, Sindoora is upto her usual tactics, she wanted to get Amar out of the house and she achieved that. However, this is not enough; ever since she saw Amar, she recognized Sagar's face and the prophecy about his coming back, and is ready to kill Amar. One attempt failed, and she actually shot her man who failed to do what she wanted to do, but the second attempt seems to be successful.
The unsuspecting Amar is buried alive, and in his struggle, Divya feels Amar to be in trouble and prays that he be alright and get out of any trouble that he may be in. When Amar is struggling, a passing taxi-driver hears some of the commotion, and when he comes closer, he hears the noise of somebody struggling. Any normal guy would get spooked, with the noise seeming to come from under the ground, but he instantly (a bit surprising) recognizes that somebody is buried alive and helps Amar to come out of the coffin in which he has been buried. Amar has almost collapsed by that time, and is rescued in the nick of time. The taxi-driver recognizes Amar.

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