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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hans Baliye - comedy performed by the stars

When you think of Hans Baliye, what comes to your mind ? Nach Baliye, the dance show of TV stars (and others), where famous people from different areas come to display their dancing prowress (and which the famous footballer), Baichang Bhutia won this time. Well, Hans Baliye seems like something similar, given that this also involves famous people (and with both members of the couple being famous is also a common theme).
Hans Baliye occurs on Star One (although if it becomes popular, it will no doubt move to Star Plus). Hans Baliye has started very recently, with the first episode being shown on May 31, 2009. Initial episodes with couples had all of them using the concept of humour within a marriage to make their mark.
The judges for the show are Karishma Kapoor and David Dhawan (both of whom have been involved in many movies that were slightly raunchy comedies). Hosts for the show are Sunil Grover and Gaurav Gera. The couples taking part are:
- Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff
- Tanaaz Irani and Bhakhtyar Irani
- Sara Khan and Ali Merchant
- Ashita Dhawan and Shailesh Gulabani
- Rajesh Kumar and Madhvi
- Delnaaz Paul and Rajeev Paul
- Gurpreet Guggi and Kuljeet Kaur
- Mel and Maski

Video of First episode of Hans Baliye

Part 2

More videos of Hans Baliye available at Youtube (click here)

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