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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Star Plus: Strange goings on in 'Raja ki aayegi baraat'

When the palace intrigues of Nandini, as well as her helpers in the form of the chhoti bahu, and her son and daughter-in-law against Rani and Yudhishtir was exposed, and they in turn forgave Rudra, Bhoomi and Chhoti Bahu, it seemed that peace finally returned to the palace. However, this is a Hindi serial, and it was impossible for things to remain at rest for so long, the story needs to take a new twist. And so it was for this serial, with the creators of the serial opting to add some crazy form of twist to the story.
So you have the arrival of 2 new ladies onto the scene, in the form of Thumki Bua (Nupur Alankar) and Jhumki Bua (Apra mehta). What do these ladies bring to the story of the serial ? Well, it turns out that these are witches who want to bring the haveli along with its riches in their control, and they slowly start creating havoc in the serial by hypnotizing people in the haveli. It turns out that Rani is the one pure soul who they cannot hypnotize, but they turn all of the house people against Rani to the extent that people in the house refuse to even recognize Rani.
Now Rani has to struggle to rescue her household from the control of these 2 ladies, and she has to do this even when the 2 Buas are in control of the house totally. She pretends to be a village girl who remains in a veil and who helps out in the house kitchen. Slowly, she is struggling to try and rescue her family from the clutches of these 2 witches, but it is not easy.

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