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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kitni Mohabbat Hain on NDTV Imagine

Balaji Telefilms (Ekta Kapoor) have been known in the past to focus on massively emotional family dramas, typically involving saas-bahus with each character having some personality streak (either a villain, or sweeter than anybody in the world). Now that those serials were starting to lose their charm (and their TRP's), it is no wonder that Balaji has changed and is starting to make different type of serials.
'Kitni Mohabbat Hain' does not have an entirely new story, but it has a fresh look, and the characters playing the main role of Arjun Punj (Karan Kundra) and Arohi Sharma (Kritika Kamra) seem to be able to emote okay so far.

Kitni Mohabbat Hain on NDTV Imagine starring Karan Kundra, Kritika Kamra and Hiten Tejwani

The story is not very different. Arjun, the son of a rich man, DK, is very arrogant, and not trusting towards woman at all (since he believes that his mother left him when he was a young child). It is then that Arohi enters his life (she is forced to start working when her father is forced to quit his job) in the role of Arjun's personal assistant at work. It is quite clear to her that Arjun is arrogant, but she falls for him; however, this is only temporary. Soon Arjun makes it clear to Arohi that he is getting engaged to somebody else, and then humiliates Arohi at the engagement party.
Arohi is shell-shocked, and decides to try and become somebody, bigger than Arjun, and decides to move to Bombay to further her ambition. In the meantime, Arjun's mother reveals the truth to Arjun, causing Arjun's world to crumble. He realizes that whatever he believed in was a lie, and also realizes that he truly loves Arohi, and decides to support her in whatever she wants to become.
Arjun follows Arohi to Mumbai, and supports her in many ways (including some idiotic scenes in which Arjun takes off his gold chain in the rain so that people waiting for the bus in rain leave the shelter after the chain, giving space to Arohi and her sisters). At the same time, whatever he does is done in such a way that it seems to Arohi that Arjun is still mocking her, giving her the courage (out of hate) to keep on going on for what she wants. She wants to become a singer, and has just won a contest for a recording.

Videos of Kitani Mohabbat hain on 4th June, 2009 on Youtube

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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Anonymous said...

Dont miss any episode...

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Anonymous said...

kitni mohabbat hain is my favirote series i cant any episode i cant miss one not even there replay i jus wish i could meet the cast:):):):):):):):):):):

Enjoy Nautanki TV