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Monday, June 15, 2009

Na Aana Iss Des Laado on Colors TV

As you see shows moving away from the Saas Bahu, a lot of the shows are moving towards stories based on social problems, whether they be about class differences such as in Uttaran, or about underage marriage as in Ballika Vadhu, or about female infanticide, such as in 'Na Aana Is Desh Ladoo' on Colors TV. The show deals with the concept of female infanticide and repression of women in a village. Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprising), the repression of women is fully supported by another strong woman, Ammaji. Ammaji is the one who decides that a woman has asserted herself too much and needs to be pushed into a small closed and suffocating room, it is Ammaji who decrees that newly born girls would be killed by drowning them in milk, and many other such acts.

Na Aana Iss Des Laado

However, Ammaji is slowly starting to meet resistance. The daughter of a new doctor in the village, Sia, is slowly starting to rebel against the practices implemented by Ammaji that are very anti-women. In a twist, Sia falls in love with Ammaji's own son Raghav (who has also rebelled against the family - however, we were long speculating that Sia would in fact fall for one of Ammaji's family members and would have to withstand Ammaji's pressures and methods), and finally after some long thought and a lot of drama, decided that she would get married to Raghav.
Against all expectations, Ammaji seems to welcome the marriage, however, you cannot expect this welcome to continue, and so it would be. There will be happenings where Sia will come under a lot of pressure, and Ammaji would seem to gain the upper hand.

Video of Na Aana Is Desh Ladoo on 10 June 2009 on Youtube

More videos of Na Aana Iss Desh Ladoo on Youtube (click here)


Anonymous said...

laado in colors channel is too artificial serial, it is leaving so bad impact on viewrs, it is just & just disgusting serial.
please do not show this serial anymore...

apoorva said...

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This take is set in rural UP against the ultra-traditional backdrop of an upper caste Hindu family, led by Maamchand Choudhry, so hideously conservative that pregnant mothers are made to undergo illegal sonographies to figure out if the child is a boy or a girl and girls are dropped

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Anonymous said...

The serial Naa aana is des lado started as an inspirational story meant to influence those sections of the society to give up rustic traditions and culture. However, it is now slowly seeming to give more ideas to rural people to indulge in such heinous acts against women than being a source of inspiration any more. Reason for this is simple - show only captures the tortures given to women - but missed on how to correct the same and influence minds of such people. I think the negatives are overshadowing the positive aspects making this show a pain to watch. I am sure this show could have been scripted much better than this - of course for the benefit of our society. I think its not just about TRPs but more of a responsibility of the show makers of this serial towards the society.

Enjoy Nautanki TV