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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Balika Vadhu on Colors - Starting to know a secret of Kalyani

Balika Vadhu on Colors has 2 distinct stories going on inside it. One is the story of Shyaam Shyaam and Sugna, the other is the story of what was there in Kalyani's (Dadi-sa's) past. There was a story where Jagdish had got into some bad company, skipping school and making some new bad friends who got him into betting, gambling (cards) and stealing money in some way or the other to meet these needs. However, when Bhairon got to know, he put an end to this story altogether with a thorough chewing out of Jagdish (and even asking Kalyani not to interfere).
The next story ongoing is the story of Sugna and Shyaam. Shyaam finally married Sugna after his parents backed out (when they found that Sugna was already pregnant, even though she had not had her 'Gauna' as yet). In spite of the fierce opposition of his parents, Shyaam went ahead. Right now, he is estranged from his parents who cannot believe that their son is taking somebody else's side rather than listening to his parents. And of course, there is no question of Sugna going to live in Shyaam's house since his parents would not accept her. Sugna however is too much still in love with Pratap, and does not accept that Shyaam is now her husband. She even defies Dadi who wants Sugna to now respect and obey her husband. But Shyaam is still willing to defend Sugna for her independence, and does not want anybody to reproach her. Will Shyaam remain true ? There are persistent rumors that Shyaam will eventually turn into a negative character.
The second main story is about Kalyani's past. Anandi's father, Khazan Singh, had to give his farmland to a money-lender for getting the money for Sugna's marriage gift, and now he is in problem since his farm is being sold off and he does not have the money. The farm is being sold to a rich man in another village who is distantly related to Kalyani, but when this problem is related to Kalyani, she refuses to get involved and instead scolds Anandi when Anandi tries to raise this problem to Dadi. It is slowly being shown that at some time in the past, after Kalyani lost her husband, she had slapped this man, and there is something hidden. One is sure that soon, these hidden secrets will get revealed, especially since Jagdish and Anandi met that man to get the land back.

Videos of Balika Vadhu (August 19th) on Colors (video on Youtube):

Balika Vadhu 19th august HD QUALITY part 1 2009

Balika Vadhu 19th august HD QUALITY part 2 2009

Balika Vadhu 19th august HD QUALITY part 3 2009

Balika Vadhu 19th august HD QUALITY part 4 2009

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