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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jai Shri Krishna on Colors - Krishna finally slays Kans

The serial Jai Shri Krishna on Colors moved away from the child like cute stage some months ago, and started showing the older, teenager age Krishna. In this age, he started showing more of his powers and god behavior, getting rid of the snake Kaaliya from the river (the snake was poisoning the water of the river); it was also becoming clear that his uncle (the ruler of Mathura, Kans) was determined to destroy him by any means. However, none of these plans were successful.
Finally, the inevitable happened. Kans calls Krishna to Mathura, identifying him as his nephew, something that Yashoda would not have easily accepted; however, it was the destiny of Lord Krishna to finally meet Kans, and so it happened. Krishna, accompanied by his brother Balram, finally went to Mathura, and withstood all attempts by Kans to destroy him. Eventually, Krishna over-powered Kans in a single battle, and along with Balram, takes over the running of Mathura.

Videos of Jai Shri Krishna on Colors (on Youtube) - episode where Lord Krishna kills Kans

Jai Shri Krishna [271st Episode] - 24th Aug 09 part 1

Jai Shri Krishna [271st Episode] - 24th Aug 09 part 2


Namrata said...

nice post i lkie krishna a lot. mbig admirer of lord krishna

Namrata said...

Shri Krishna was born in the Dwarika nagri. I like the childhood of krishna when he used to tease Gopis.

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