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Monday, August 17, 2009

Jyoti - issues keep on happening

Even after Jyoti is now married (happily) to Pankaj, there will always be problems in her life, apparently. So, what happens is that though Jyoti had decided to get married to Pankaj, she had not fully accepted him initially, but now seems to have done. However, she is still hiding things from him, in the sense that she has never told him about Sushma, which seems a bit strange thing to do. No matter what the relation with your sister would be like, why would you not tell your husband about this ? No wonder the husband is likely to get angry with her.
In the meantime, there are 2 more stories that are getting played out. One is regarding Jyoti's sister Sudha. Sudha has something strange, a split personality where one half of her is care-free, while the other half is the docile, strangely scared girl. Jyoti, and other people near her have seen both, but are not easily able to connect both these separate personalities; in fact, the person who has fallen in love with her is unable to fully comprehend as to what is happening with the girl he loves.
Sushma is in an even worse condition. Her marriage to Brij now seems to be a mistake, since Brij wants her to go to any extent to make money, forcing her to dance in front of people who ogle at her body and want to have fun with her; in one case, she is forced to give into a stranger. Brij, as a demonstration of his bad nature, now pretends that he has a severe illness, for which Sushma needs to get money from anywhere. She continues to work at dance places and parties, making money while wearing short clothes.

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