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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Arushi wants to leave Shakti, Pratigya supports her in this

The serial was showing a conflict between Arushi and Pratigya for some time now. When Pratigya found out the truth of Aman, that he was two-timing Arushi, she warned Arushi. However, Arushi could not understand this warning, and got real angry at Pratigya. In this anger, when Pratigya created a scene in the marriage between Arushi and Aman, Arushi took the extreme step of marrying Shakti as his second wife so that she could enter the same house as Pratigya and take her revenge.
And she does enter the house of Shakti Singh, and takes real pleasure in tormenting Pratigya, telling her various items, and so on. Further, since she is the wife of the elder brother, she scolds Pratigya at several intervals, and Pratigya takes all those insults. The others in the house are pretty happy at this distance between the 2 sisters, since they never really liked Pratigya. In all this, Krishna is still uncomfortable, but continues to support whatever Pratigya does (however, he does tell her off at many intervals, being angry with her at many occasions).
However, in the end, Arushi comes to know the reality of Aman, seeing him with his wife (the same person who tied a rakhi on Aman to prove that she was like a sister to Aman). Realizing that Pratigya was only trying to be helpful to Arushi, Arushi comes to Pratigya and Krishna and wants to apologize for everything that she has done, and also wants to reconcile with her parents (who have disowned her for whatever she did and said against them). And then there is Shakti, who is itching to establish physical relations with Arushi, and the only thing saving Arushi was the message of the baba who came to the house (although the baba was sent by Pratigya), who states that there needs to be a period of going to the temple for some days of prayer before the marriage can be taken to the intimate level.

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